Relocation > Considering Locations

      The large, stately house that you drive by every morning on the way to work has had a “For Sale” sign for months. When you finally call for an appointment and see the house–you love it! And the price is lower than prices for similar houses on quieter side streets.

      Houses located on busy streets may represent some of the best buys in terms of space and amenities for the price. Some buyers who are very sensitive to noise or concerned about small children or pets may automatically rule out houses that are located on busy residential streets. If you don’t share these same concerns, you won’t hold such a location against the property. If the sellers have made pricing concessions on the property based on its location, this could open up an opportunity for you to own a far grander house than you thought you could afford!

      Just remember that when you sell the house, the pool of prospective buyers may be smaller, and you may have to pass on a similar price break to the next owner.