Buyers (First-Time) > Bargaining

      You have done everything that your agent recommended to make your home look wonderful–and, you have cut the price to the bone. Then an offer comes in which is so low that you are offended! Is it possible to reconcile your differences and reach a meeting of the minds when faced with such an offer?

      It may not take many concessions from you to make it work if the people who love your house also love to bargain. Even though it seems that you are very far apart in dollars or terms, the real distance may not be all that great. Your Realtor can help you determine if the buyers are ready, willing and able to carry through with the transaction. If they are qualified, the next step involves looking at your differences. Make a list of the discrepancies, and then begin to look for areas where you have some flexibility. You may have to go back and forth several times in order to make the transaction work. The trick is to be patient and to not take the process personally!