Buyer’s Remorse > Real Estate Jitters

      Your home has been on the market for a few weeks, and you are feeling fortunate because an attractive offer has been presented by qualified buyers. Once the ink dried on the contract forms, however, it seemed that everything suddenly threatened to come unraveled.

      Once the buyers’ earnest money check cleared their account, they came up with a list of concerns that never occurred to their structural expert. Their fears and demands caused the sellers to regard them more as adversaries than as the sweet young couple eager to start a family. How could the atmosphere have changed so quickly?

      Buyers and sellers are both susceptible to different forms of “temporary insanity” known in the real estate field as “Buyers’ Remorse” and “Sellers’ Remorse”. Fortunately, neither one of these conditions is contagious to real estate agents! An important part of our job is to help our sellers and buyers through their buying or selling jitters with understanding and humor.